Working with couples

Happier together

Happier together



I love it when I am able to help save a marriage or a relationship. It is an honor to be a part of a process that is hard to describe. You really do need to be there to pick up on all of the emotions and the complexity of a committed relationship. To see expressions and, ultimately, hearts change is something that I really love and I’m grateful to be the therapist in that room.

I am also incredibly blessed to be in a 10 relationship with a wonderful partner and friend. To use a football metaphor since we are in Texas, I’ve out kicked my punt coverage. We want more couples to enjoy what we enjoy and my goal is to help you get there.

Please call me to schedule a talk. You can think of me as a coach for your marriage to continue with the football metaphor. And I will work hard; but not harder than you. And no pushups or sit ups. At least not on the first visit:)


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