12 Ways to Reduce Stress and Enhance Self Care

A fun interactive presentation designed for ministers, counselors and other front line caregivers who can get stressed out and take on the problems of their clients.

Ten Ways to Take Your Relationship up to a 10! with Grace

Enjoyable and insightful tips on practical ways to make your couple relationship as good as it can be.

Steps and Missteps in Stepfamilies

Practical advice on how to best blend a family with personal examples and illustrations.

Systems Perspective on Families

An overview of the systems framework for viewing many of the theories of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Therapeutic Issues in Death, Dying and Bereavement

Issues and theories about death with insights from support groups and hospice.

Authentic Happiness

A review of Martin Seligman’s latest effort on Authentic Happiness and the Positive Psychology movement.

12 Critical Survival Skills for Parents with Difficult or Challenging Children

How to survive this challenging period with advice from experienced therapists.

11 Ways to Help Your Child Choose a Lifelong Mate

Actionable advice on what you can do now to help your child prepare for marriage.

Myths About Men’s Sexual Abuse

Insights from working as a Support Group Facilitator at MOCSA

Top Job Loss Myths

Insights from working as a headhunter and facilitating a job transition support group.

Systems Discussion of Alcoholism

An overview of the systems framework and a discussion of alcoholism as well as adult children of alcoholics.