About Me


My areas of interest include relationship assessment, education and counseling for couples, individuals and blending families. I have provided counseling in a variety of areas such as in hospice, job transition, drug and alcohol education, surviving sexual abuse and working with juvenile justice adolescents.

I began my private practice in Kansas City, Missouri and then moved to Overland Park, Kansas where I was with Christian Psychological Services for over ten years.

Prior to establishing my private practice, I specialized in marketing for various organizations and have an MBA from Texas Christian University. I am married to my wife, Grace, an artist, in a stepfamily with four children.

My degree is a Master of Arts in Counseling from Mid-America Nazarene University. My clinical internship was at Solace House, which is a center for grieving children and their families.

I have facilitated support groups and have worked in Hospice as a Grief Counselor.

I speak publicly on stress management, relationship enhancement, positive psychology, parenting competencies, behavioral economics and other topics.

I enjoy running, swimming and golf and am a passionate fan of Texas Christian University and the University of Texas football, basketball and baseball teams.


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