Quotes from some of my Clients

“I think you have lots of compassion, are able to offer perspective that is useful and concrete and offer practical suggestions for change”

“You took the pieces of shattered glass and showed me that it was possible to put them back together”

“You made such a difference for us and we are so appreciative.”

“Brad understands relationship dynamics and is able to help us see the nuances of us.”

“You showed me that the core of who we really are is always there.”

“Through therapy with you I was able to grow spiritually.”

“You were always able to bring the conversation back to what really mattered.”

“You always listened and were always respectful.”

“You helped me see things I never thought of – good things in my life that I didn’t recognize.”

“Your ability to see the positive in everyone and every situation is amazing!”

“You have great patience and great compassion.”