Join us as we visit with Brad Nowlin is a licensed family and marriage therapist with Fort Worth Counseling and Intervention. His specializations include hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Anger Management and Psychology. We discuss the stressors that many Americans are facing today that impact them personally, professionally and socially and various methods that can be used to get individuals back to a place of peace and positive self-worth.

Episode Title: Love, Life and Dating

Guest Names: Sarah Angle and Brad Nowlin

Episode Description: Marriage and family therapist Brad Nowlin and TCU professor/journalist Sarah Angle joins us to discuss modern day dating in your 30’s. 40’s. and 50’s. Sarah’s recent article in the February 2022 issue of Fort Worth Magazine digs into dating in Fort Worth, Texas or actually dating anywhere.

Meeting online with the assistance of so many dating apps, meeting in a bar (is that old school?), or set up by friends…we cover it all in search of meeting the love of your life. We talk about love, lost love, heartbreak, and so much more.

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