Find the Why

A client’s theory of change is a significant predictor of our work being successful. And their motivation is as well. Finding the why is what we do in therapy as we explore behavior through a systems lens and other perspectives.
If we know the why, we can apply it to positive future directed activity such as what to do. Thus, it can guide our behavior in all settings.

“Every one of us needs a purpose that’s big enough to call forth the gifts and abilities within us.” Richard Leider

It seems we often play “small ball” with a fear and scarcity based perspective. Which is why I often challenge my clients to live larger and to go for it.

“Why the hell, not?” Kinky Friedman

With the gifts of facilitating change, bringing out potential, empowering others and making connections, I am here to bring joy for the benefit of God, others and myself.

I help people get along better and really enjoy life!

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